Bill Maxwell and Associates



Putting realistic optimism at the center of leadership and change

Bill Maxwell and Associates is a leadership and change consulting firm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
We have successfully served organizations and individuals in a wide variety of leadership and change
initiatives. While much of our work is with management teams in corporations and various public
sector organizations, we also work with individual managers and project leaders.

In order to avoid stealing your time, we focus on practical experience

Our frame favors practical experiences that ignite real and positive change. We incorporate these
experiences in our coaching and organizational development projects, as well as in performance
lifting business presentations, workshops, and seminars. I believe that what some call soft skills are
actually essential skills.

Realistic optimism combined with right-match focus leads to meaningful change.

As a coach, I am certified by the Management Research Group in LEA 360 Strategic Leadership Development.
This allows me to build individualized coaching programs based on world-class assessment products.
Using my experience as a mentor, teacher and learner, I partner with clients in a spirit of realistic optimism.

Our facilitation leads to moments where professional lives shift for the better.

Working on a range of leadership and change initiatives, I am involved with long-term projects as well as
with shorter workshops, seminars, and presentations. Please take a look around and see if we might be a
match for your organization’s learning goals.


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