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Bill has presented in different countries, to varied audiences, and to many different types of businesses. One thing is always the same: he honors his audience with a mix of humor, vital ideas, and inspiration. Bill tailors his presentations to the occasion. Whether he is speaking to the medical community, insurance companies, or payroll associations, he makes sure the interaction is around specific audience touchstones.

The presentations last from 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your needs.

The following is a partial list of presentations Bill has done in recent years. If you need a new presentation on a specific topic, he can work with you to make it happen.

Detoxifying Your Workplace
This talk covers strategies for coping with difficult people. In an engaging and entertaining style we talk over some tough situations at work and get to some practical answers for these all too serious situations.

Here and Now of Leading in Place
The main point of this presentation: You can build leadership presence, today, right where you are. No matter your “position,” you can demonstrate leadership by becoming more responsible for your individual path.

Leadership and Change
This presentation covers some of the most engaging ideas on leadership and change. In a wide ranging and interactive talk, Bill speaks about the authors and ideas that have most influenced him in his leadership work.

One on One Conversations with Direct Reports
This talk covers how to create a communication “triple win” for your direct report, your team, and you. We describe the best structure for right-focus conversations with direct reports: one of the most important leadership tools you can have.

The DRS Cure for Professional Stress
Using a humorous yet focused style, the session promotes an understanding of the positive power of self- responsibility when it comes to stress. This talk concentrates on personal management strategies that help make our professional lives more enjoyable and productive.

The Leader’s Journey
Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”, this dynamic presentation shows how we all have the potential to access our inner leader. The essence of the leader’s journey is simple: discovering one’s own inner courage to develop and grow in the face of our challenges. Transformational leadership starts when a leader understands that his/her personal transformation can help transform a team, a department or an organization.

Your Stories – Your Leadership
This talk is a “teach-in” – where you learn how to blend the essential ingredients of a story to make it stick with the audience. You’ll also learn how to create more leadership presence by telling the story with your body and your tone.

The Privilege of a Lifetime
This presentation covers how to avoid gurus and to be “un-Googleable” when you present yourself in the world. We’re going to look at leadership in terms of your story, your singular adventure, your authentic vitality that energizes others. Only your unique leadership answers the question “Why should people be willing to be influenced by you?”


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