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Leadership and Change: Shorter Workshops

All sessions offered as presentations (45 -90 minutes) and workshops (times vary).

Overall Purpose of All Workshops

Build leadership skills by learning ways to go from “good to great”

  – Create an optimal, safe place for sharing leadership conversations
– Celebrate and learn from personal and organizational experience
– Map, plan, and prepare to act in our leadership and change roles
– Learn (or revisit) practical leadership tools – regardless of position


- Reinvent the wheel- Create impossible work- Focus on things we can’t control

Detoxify Your Workplace
(full day)

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Detoxify your workplace & increase productivity

Is negative behavior in one “bad apple” slowing your entire team?

 Detoxify Your Workplace combines researched leadership ideas with high-yield learning exercises. Simulated cases teach “in the moment” decision making and create an exciting atmosphere. Your preparation is to bring in your “difficult person” case. Starting with your situation, we discuss targeted strategies.  By session’s end you will have produced a “detoxify” plan you can begin implementing – a plan your team will value more than you can imagine.

- Learn successful coaching (not counseling) to move through conflict.
– Apply techniques to effectively deal with negative behaviors.

One on One Conversations with Direct Reports
(1/2 or full day)

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Create a communication “triple win” for your direct report, your team, and you.

How are you doing with the most important conversations a leader can have?

One on One Conversations with Direct Reports is a workshop aimed at your core mission: motivating individuals to personal bests. One of the most productive decisions for supervisors is to have right-focus conversations with direct reports. This workshop teaches you how to structure to “share the air,” how to avoid time sucking topics, and how to coach for a better future. One on one conversations are not formal/artificial performance evaluations. Though one on ones are focused, they advance naturally through work-based narratives.  The outcome: better professional relationships, processes, and results.

- Learn to structure half-hour one on ones for maximum impact.
– Fine tune your ability to influence using your authentic leadership style.

Your Stories, Your Leadership
(full day)


Tell stories that “stick” with people who matter most

Does your storytelling ability inspire your listeners or turn them off?

Your Stories, Your Leadership features the best storytelling tools along with personalized learning exercises.  One on one coaching help push you to a personal best in a stimulating workshop environment. You are already telling stories – but how are these stories affecting your team, your organization, your future? As Steve Denning says, “The choice is whether to use storytelling unwittingly and clumsily —or intelligently and skillfully.” Leaders’ true stories, told well, are remembered more than mission, vision, and values statements.

- Learn how to tell stories that encourage people to personal bests.
– Practice storytelling that increases your influence, no matter the audience.

The DRS Cure for Professional Stress

(1/2 day)

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Reminder: our ability to help others depends on being healthy ourselves.

The DRS Cure for Professional Stress concentrates on strategies that help make our professional lives more enjoyable and productive. Using a humorous yet focused style, the session promotes an understanding of the positive power of self-responsibility when it comes to unhealthy stress.

- Become more intentional about perception and self-presentation.
– Better re-frame experiences to create more self-confidence  and sense of control.

The Here and Now of Leading in Place

(full day)

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Map, plan, and act to leverage your unique leadership style.

Always begin where you are, and work out from here.
 T.H. Ferrill

The Here and Now of Leading in Place uses  a “map, plan, act” frame for leading in your unique situation. No matter your “position,” you can demonstrate leadership. Moreover, your authenticity can be a catalyst that moves groups forward. The session centers on how to “influence without authority,” and we discuss ways to break through common barriers. Out of an honest map of where you are comes a realistic plan.  The plan builds on your strengths and addresses the minor gaps that are holding you back. You can build leadership presence, today, right where you are.

- Learn essential ways to develop professional trust.
– Learn to navigate past the clutter and conflict to get things done.

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